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What the critics are saying:

"Another dot com book? Who isn't tired of this crap already?" - John Q.

We agree...which is why we are presenting something to you both cheaper and more valuable than the dump trucks of useless dot com books out there.

"What are those cartoons? Man they're funny!" - Bocster

Yes they are. Famed New York banjo player, cartoonist, and drifter Johnny Jackpot is behind those creations.

"Is this book like...a joke? Should it be filed under humor? Or is this a business guide for aspiring young professionals?" - Berns Lee

Both. It's like getting two books in one. Satirical, yet based on first hand observations and tales. Wrap that up with some serious theoretical discussion about the nature of consumerism, capitalism, and existentialism, and you've got the right idea.