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"Wow, a free book! All this work and no revenue ... these guys must be broke!"


  This is not another "failed dot com CEO memoir".

This is not a businessman's guide to "what went wrong".

This is not boring, canned, outsider journalism.

This is an account of the lower rungs of the dot com workforce - their observations - their stories - their odd, depraved sexual practices.

Experience their remarkable lack of taste, their utter disrespect for their superiors, and their shocking disdain for advertising, technology, and the world at large.

From the jackasses at Humor Is Dead - the "Dot Com" book no respectable publisher would print. Written in the summer of 2001 and collecting e-dust ever since, it is now, finally, available to y'all. Free*. Uncensored. Untouched by corporate hands.

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