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Free Zones are great! You see, all of the materials, like the cotton and polyester, get shipped from America. Economically, the free zones are not recognized as belonging to any nation. So in comes the cotton, out goes The Gap! Or any one of your favorite name brands! Your favorite fashion items cost anywhere from 13 to 18 cents. The clothes normally go right back on the ship, bound for your favorite American shopping mall. Made in America all the way! Come visit us in person, and the savings get passed on to you! Who can resist! We're in hundreds of countries!
Come visit our state of the art bathrooms! Our employees use these, but they are only allowed to go once a day, so feel free to freshen up!
While you're here, you might as well get a taste of the local flavor. Check out the neighborhoods where our employees work! They are very hospitable and will surely offer our fine shoppers a cup of tea and sympathy, so to speak!
Feet getting tired? These are huge outlets, huh? Take a rest in any one of our bedrooms! Our employees sleep here, but they won't mind! They work until after midnight and wake up at dawn. So take a load off! This bedroom sleeps two! The occupants are busy sewing "swooshes" for you. Nighty-night!

We hope you've enjoyed your little tour of our wonderful Free Zone Factory Outlet. Not only are we passing savings on to you, our customer, we are also helping third world economies. We are providing jobs to people all over the world, who would otherwise starve to death! With tax incentives abound, no need to comply with any laws, and salaries at $30 US annually, we win, the workers win, and you, our dear customers, win!