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Humor Is Dead

Humor Is Dead hung in for 5 years, encompassing the entire first Bush administration and the ass end of Clinton's. A non-profit organization, it was dedicated to providing dark and sometimes offensive satire, its targets being anyone and anything, but mostly those who take themselves or anything else seriously.

Yah, we're DONE!
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What the hell is an Onion-o-Matic? And why would you want one? It's randomly generated news stories that are usually funnier than what you'll find at The Onion, and without the ads! Best part: If you don't like the news, just refresh the page! (Or wait a few minutes, it will do it for you! What an interesting screen saver!)

This is not another "failed dot com CEO memoir". This is not a businessman's guide to "what went wrong". This is not boring, canned, outsider journalism. This is ,,,

... and it's a freakin' free book if you just click here...