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Total Recallifornia
California's recall election had much in common with lead candidate Arnold Schwarzenegger and his Hummer. Oh Well.

Disturbing Trends in Advertising
7/15/03 - The specific demographic targeted by the beer industry, "dim, insecure men", has now been adopted by variety shows and entire networks. So no surprise that the commercials that accompany this marketing strategy have produced some truly horrifying results. Click the images on the right to see the commercials...

Another NYC Saturday

3/26/03 -
"The notion that a radical is one who hates his country is naive and usually idiotic. He is, more likely, one who likes his country more than the rest of us, and is thus more disturbed than the rest of us when he sees it debauched. He is not a bad citizen turning to crime; he is a good citizen driven to despair". - HL Mencken

System of a Down Video - "BOOM!"
Check out the System of a Down video "BOOM!", directed by Michael Moore, and featuring (for .5 seconds) h.i.d.'s founder / writer / editor. Click here to watch or view at either of the aforementioned sites.

Classic American Idol
Music is dead, and has been for years. Shows like American Idol invite the home viewer to witness the funeral procession. Although there is no saving the current state of American music, we can at least be thankful that American Idol didn't come around sooner! Watch this latest flick from the numbnuts at Humor Is Dead, and check for the 10 MB mpeg version on your favorite file sharing network.

I, love, cutting down all the trees..."I, Love, Cutting Down All The Trees"
Few things in this world turn your brain into mush quicker than a dumb beer ad, especially the one that proclaims: "I, love, football on TV, shots of Gina Lee..." We saw no better fit than to parody this commercial for an inferior product and spotlight the inferior administration. Watch the movie here!

Bono. Superhero.
Bono has taken his clown act to the NBA basketball finals, the Superbowl, The World Economic Forum, congress, and even Time Magazine. After winning more meaningless grammies, Bono asked The Edge to shut up and trampled all over ad revenues by cutting into those all-important grammy commercials with his empty egomaniacal ravings. But we forgive him. We forgive him because he is our superhero and our savior. As Homer Simpson once said "Rock Stars...is there anything they don't know?" We believe that Bono personifies this notion. Be on the lookout for an end to war, drought, and pestilence, thanks to Bono's political work.

Robert DeNiro 9-11 Special
CBS is airing a two-hour special on March 10th, which includes previously unseen images from the WTC disaster. Robert DeNiro has been chosen to host the program. Because HID has special ties to GE (like every corporate entity in America), we now present choice clips from this upcoming show. Watch the video here! Music conducted by the Humor Is Dead house band, Music Is Dead

Bush's Hidden Agenda
What's the hidden message masking behind the star puppet of the Bush/Cheney Administration?
Full text of the speech:
BUSH: Good evening. As president, I can decide the standards for every human being.
First, our forces will destroy everything as we explore new oil fields throughout the world. And second, we'll tell you what you can do, or suffer considerable destruction. My administration is guided by the almighty dollar, and, make no mistake, the United States Government will conquer the world.


An independent study into engineered phonetic reversal techniques used on "Stairway to Heaven". Click here heathens! For more on audio reversal in popular culture, click here. 20 MB MPG!
Foreclosure of A Dream
Another HID tribute flick...this one to the Dot Com Bomb of 2000. Featuring the music of Megadeth and the artistry of the HID Production staff. 10 MB MPG!


A chilling preview of what the Bush Administration has in store for us all. Will it come true? Only time will tell. 11MB MPG!

Farewell Election 2000!
Humor is Dead Bids Farewell to Election 2000 with this nifty video for ya! Good Old American Debate! Enjoy! 12 MB MPG!
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