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Humor Is Dead

Frankly folks, we're a little stumped at Humor is Dead. Usually scandals of this magnitude do not reach the main stream media. While you wait for more pictures, how about reading up on Depleted Uranium?
Military Personnel Unsure How To Cut Abu Ghraib Prison Population In Half
Across The Waist, Or Head To Toe?

5/10/04 - Questions have arisen per plans to cut the population of Abu Ghraib Prison in half. The most popular question appears to be, "which way"?

"I think it would be easier to go across the waist, but hey, I don't know, I'm just a truck driver," said John Neilson, who is indeed just a truck driver, and has been interrogating prisoners for months now. "And how am I supposed to know these Geneva Convention Rules, I've never even been to The Czech Republic," continued Neilson, confusing The Czech Republic and Switzerland, and displaying the lack of common sense running rapid in the military. Unless, of course, these moral wrongdoings are instead orders by higher officials.

The cook could not be reached for comment, as he was raping somebody with a baster. Liberation's a bitch.
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