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Humor Is Dead

Selves Threaten Themselves With Consumption©
by Slim Jim®

"I'd Like To Order Dessert Now" (TM) and other similar language has been ruled a threat to its speakers, is considered obscene language, and is now banned from US restaurants carrying freedom fries.

In related news, McDonald's was fined by the EU® for bundling proprietary desserts with "Happy Meals". In a statement issued by the EU®, they have subjected the royal arches to change their wording to "Meals That May Or May Not Lead To Satisfaction" ((TM) pending). A Supreme Court Judge ruling the case (who has asked to remain anonymous) was quoted, "God's Will Be Done". After converting from the polygamist Moron tradition, the judge recently declared himself a "far right" born-again Christian, but "not quite a Protestant".

All rights reserved. Anyone attempting to copy, forward, distribute, or otherwise educate the populace with this information without direct benefit to The Publishers will be subject to fines and punishment without access to a lawyer and without due process of law at the advice and hence ruling of said judge.

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